Checkers is the timeless game which has delighted young and old alike for thousands of years. At the same time both simple and complex, it has survived despite the popularity of other game genres and is played by thousands of people.

English draughts or American Checkers, also called straight checkers or simply draughts, is a form of the strategy board game checkers (or draughts).

This powerful app can be enjoyed with family and friends or on your own, and has different settings to suit your preferences.

Its unique, uncluttered design gives the game a realistic look and feel, evoking memories of the checkers you used to play as a child, and thanks to its fast AI you will forget that you’re playing against a program.

Key features:
- Games against computer (4 levels, color option)
- 2 players game with time limit
- Nice look and feel
- Undo
- Save/load unfinished game
- Timer based game

You will also gain experience points by winning against the AIs (+1 for Easy, +3 for Medium, +5 for Hard, +7 for Very Hard).

A must have if you like strategic board games.

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